Cohort Entry for Five Year Old Children

Raumati Beach School is proposing to start cohort entry in 2021. This means students will start with a group of their peers who will all be 5 within the same 5 weeks. 

Cohort entry is about helping children to settle better in school. 

There's evidence that starting school alongside other children helps children build relationships and supports a smoother entry to school life. They will visit school together and begin their Raumati Beach School journey on set dates. 

The proposed dates for 2021 are: 
Term Start of term date Mid term date
1 09/02/2021 15/03/2021
2 03/05/2021 08/06/2021
3 26/07/2021 30/08/2021
4 18/10/2021 15/11/2021