The Turf

The key feature of our school's fundraising since 2014, the school's back field is desperately in need of some TLC.  With 650 + active students, a vibrant sports community and a short supply of suitable all weather terrains on the coast, a turf facility will greatly benefit not just our students, but the Kapiti Coast community.
We are grateful to the hundreds of parents, whanau and friends who have supported our efforts over the last few years.  Please see the links to the right for further information.


In Term 4, 2016 the BOT initiated a community survey.  The feedback from the community was that they wished to discuss in more detail the options for the Turf and the thinking behind the project.  After the community meeting it was decided that a working group would be formed to relook at all the possible outcomes.  James Woodward (BoT Treasurer is coordinating this group.)  He can be contacted through the school office: