Learning Model

All the learners in our community use a 'constructivist' model to build and extend their own knowledge about how the world works and is organised.   Learning commences from a moment of curiosity or wondering... current ideas, new information and related thoughts are then CAPTURED to inform the path of inquiry.  These concepts are then DEVELOPed through a range of learning opportunities and learners use their new knowledge, skills and aptitudes to CREATE a response to this learning: an exhibition, presentation, letter to an editor, advertising brochure, new goal or behaviour....

Learning is rarely linear - our model allows learners to select the necessary action for their next stage in learning.

  • I am CURIOUS about... I WONDER how... I WONDER why...
  • I need to CAPTURE some more information about.... (Where can I GET this information?)
  • I need to DEVELOP my ideas about... (How can I SORT my thinking?)
  • I can CREATE ... to show my learning, to put my learning into action... (How can I USE my new learning?)